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Your Journey
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Often in life there can be uncertainty - uncertainty with knowing what the next right step is, uncertainty on how to create balance in all areas of your life, uncertainty with knowing what will be fulfilling or even how to create that.


We're here to support you in creating a life that has it all, a truly integrative approach to life where you easily have what you desire with no compromise.


We support you in your journey to find a system that works for you where your thoughts and feelings align with your actions which align with, and contribute to, fulfilling your goals in life. 


Throughout our time together you’ll increase focus and clarity as you master tools, skills, and mindset. This allows you to master your thoughts so that you can restore and reconnect balance, passion and focus in your personal and professional life.

Picture of Sandra Grace and Amanda Dell'Aquila smiling with joy

Sandra Grace

Amanda Dell'Aquila


Wherever you are in your journey I will meet you there - if you have mastery in what you do, we’ll go deeper; if you’re just starting out, we’ll create a foundation for you to build successfully on top of.


Looking forward to creating a fully integrated life that works for you.


Love and Light,

-Sandra Grace & Amanda Dell'Aquila
Instructor, Coach

With more than 35 years combined of teaching and coaching experience, Sandra Grace and Amanda Dell'Aquila have learned the best secrets to successful Coaching, Speaking and Training. In their time they have watched clients earn their first million and move from millionaire to billionaire. They have supported Entrepreneurs in ditching the 9 to 5’s and successfully launch their dream companies. Sandra Grace and Amanda Dell'Aquila are passionate about training entrepreneurs to manage their energy as they explode their businesses.

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