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Become certified in

Integrative Kundalini Reiki 

Learn this powerful ancient healing technique to use with your clients - perfect on its own or paired with hypnosis.

Join us Tuesday July 18 and Wednesday July 19, 2023 in Las Vegas.

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What's included

In our 2 day pre-conference certification you'll leave having:

  • Learned the history of Kundalini and how it works for healing
  • Learned the traditional healer prayer and create your own mantra

  • Created your grounding and connecting practice

  • Mastered the self healing Integrative Kundalini Reiki meditation, and use it to:​​
    • Clear a room or a house​ of unwanted energy

    • Heal karmic bands between beings

    • Heal situations or personal issues that are existing or historic

    • Attune crystals to hold and resonate energy of your choosing

    • Work with animals to support healing

  • Learned and practiced these specific Integrative Kundalini Reiki protocols for healing: ​​
    • Diamond Reiki​

    • Crystaline Reiki

    • DNA Reiki

    • Birth Trauma Reiki

    • Location Reiki

    • Past Life Reiki

    • Balance Reiki

    • Situation/Personal Qualities Reiki

    • Karmic Band Reiki

Plus these BONUSES!

  • Tips to rebalancing your own energy and chakra system quickly and easily between clients

  • Coaching on clarifying an integrative approach to reading energy

  • Guidance on how to incorporate Integrative Kundalini Reiki into your daily life and work

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Meet your instructors

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Sandra Grace

Amanda Dell'Aquila

With more than 35 years combined of teaching and coaching experience, Sandra Grace and Amanda Dell'Aquila have learned the best secrets to successful Coaching, Speaking and Training.


As Certified Consulting Hypnotists, Reiki Master/Teachers, Certified Teachers, and more, they are passionate about training entrepreneurs, like you, to manage your energy as you confidently and powerfully grow your businesses.

Join them in this 2 day certification as they share this ancient healing technique and successful ways to incorporate it with your existing hypnosis clients, and the surprising ways you can attract new clients easily and effortlessly.


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