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You're multifaceted,
your business should be too.

Become a Certified Integrative Coach

and bring together all your skillsets together to elevate your business to the next level.

This 10 week course will provide you with everything you need to build your coaching business - including your website and social media platform.


Become confident in providing your clients with the skillset, mindset, and tool set they need for true transformation and in the process, transform your life.

Coaching Certification

This well rounded curriculum includes everything you need in order to craft your perfect business and have clients knocking on your door. Here's what you'll get in our 10 week program:

  • Clarity on goal setting and structures 

  • The ethics of being a coach

  • How to coach from an integrated approach

  • How to set up your business - including a full website and social media structure

  • Guidance on verbal agreements and contracts for your clients

  • Client intake process

  • How to coach executives, teams, individuals and entrepreneurs

  • Your very own website and social media strategy

Plus you'll get these BONUSES!

  • Reiki Certification to give you access on how best to manage your energy (choose from Usui Level I, or Usui Level II Reiki)

  • Hypnosis recordings to build confidence and ease

  • A Kundalini Reiki session to support you in creating your new future

  • Hypno-yoga session which combines the benefits of hypnosis and restorative yoga to help you manage your stress through the growth process

  • Access to additional talks on branding to give you industry insight, templates for email campaigns to let you hit the ground running, and more!


this journey is as much about you and your life, as it will be about your client's success. 


Integrate your gifts. Elevate your business. Create financial abundance.

Class begins September 2022 - email us to apply!

Have a question that hasn't been answered?

We're happy to speak with you!

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