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Find yourself,
hone your gift.

Become confident in providing your clients with the skill set, mindset, and tool set they need for true transformation.

You cannot teach what you yourself have not experienced - this journey is as much about you and your life, as it will be about your clients success. Be trained and developed in this integrative approach to coaching that goes beyond just the mind, allowing your clients to fully actualize their entire selves. 

Coaching Certification

This well rounded curriculum is customized to your needs, and could include:

  • Clarity on goal setting and structures 

  • The ethics of being a coach

  • How to coach from a holistic approach

  • How to set up your business

  • How to attract clients

  • Guidance on verbal agreements and contracts for your clients

  • Client intake process

  • How to coach executives, teams, individuals and entrepreneurs

Coaching Mentorship

Customized course to assist you in maximizing your business and your results.

Group and individual courses available. Contact us for dates, pricing and options.

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